Wednesday, May 30, 2012

USA Manufacturing Growth Rises to 10-Month High

ISM: Monthly USA PMI

USA Economy The manufacturing sector has significantly strengthened and continues growing. USA manufacturing growth reached a 10-month high, the highest since June 2011, and increased for the 33rd consecutive month (since August 2009). The USA economy continued to expand for the 35th consecutive month (since June 2009). The PMI has increased +2.4 the past 2 months, more than counterbalancing the -1.7 decrease in February. Bradley Holcomb, Chair of the ISM Manufacturing Business Survey Committee said, "Sixteen of the 18 industries reflected overall growth".

ISM Monthly Manufacturing Index (PMI) The April 2012 PMI increased +1.4 to 54.8, the 5th increase in the past 6 months. The PMI reached a first post-recession peak in March 2010 at 59.3 and a higher peak in January 2011 at 59.9. The Great Recession low was 33.1 in December 2008. The post-recession low has been 49.2 in July 2009. A reading greater than 50 indicates manufacturing sector expansion and a reading greater than 42.6 indicates overall economic expansion.


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