Saturday, January 5, 2013

No Improvement in USA Labor Participation and Employment Ratios

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Employment Situation Summary

USA Labor Force Participation Rate The seasonally adjusted December 2012 rate of 63.6% continues near the long-term low. The data continue dismal. This is just above the August 2012 low of 63.5%, which was the lowest since September 1981. This means the inverse, 36.4% of all Americans 16-64 years old were not working for various reasons. The all-time high, since 1948, was a 67.3% participation rate in January through April 2000, the peak of the American Empire.

USA Employment to Population Ratio The seasonally adjusted December 2012 ratio decreased to 58.6%. This means the inverse, 41.4% of Americans 16+ years old are not working for various reasons. This ratio has been bottom bouncing, very little upward or downward movement, since September 2009. The ratio has been below 60% since February 2009. The all-time high, since 1948, was 64.7% in April 2000.


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